writer / arts producer

Pony Play


A homoerotic western about the love between a cowboy and his horse.

The Cowboy and The Horse are on stage.  They are masculine. The age and body type of the actors is up to interpretation. The Cowboy is wearing a red plaid button (snaps) down shirt, cowboy boots with spurs, tight jeans, black hanky in his left back pocket and a black leather belt with a large rodeo style belt buckle. He has a large bulge in his jeans.  The Horse wears a horse costume. It’s an artistic, fitted, and sleek interpretation of a horse. Not comedic or cartoonish.  Leather or some alternative. A mask, tail. A great deal of exposed skin, but not nude. May include a bridal, bit, hoof gloves and/or hoof boots, no saddle – they bareback.



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