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Short Skirt Butch

arts_feature6One queer person meets another queer person and fall in love. They are now a queer couple. This couple meets a third queer person and fall for them! Our queer couple is now a triad. But the honeymoon is over, they fall out of love, lust and all that goes with it. The queer triad goes back to being a queer couple leaving our third queer broken hearten times two.


2 comments on “Short Skirt Butch

  1. Karen White
    May 13, 2015

    hello Lee-Anne,
    I am Karen White. I introduced myself to you on closing night of SSB in Dublin. I’m the artistic director of Leaping Thespians, women’s theatre company in Vancouver. I think short skirt butch is a great monologue and I’m wondering if we can get rights to include your piece in a show. I’m in the earliest stages of putting together an evening of one acts and it might go perfectly. Are you interested in pursuing this?
    How was Paris?

    • L. Poole
      May 15, 2015

      Hi Karen, I’ll pop yo an e-mail. Thanks!

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