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Country Song


Award winning playwright, Lee-Anne Poole writes a love letter to country music and the good ol’ boys that come with it. From sharing some of her own stabs at the genre to stories of her father, in <i>Country Song</i> Poole conquers some fears and re-imagines who she could be. Directed by Dustin Harvey.

In Country Song, Lee-Anne Poole uses country music to try and better understand herself, her father, and who she could be. Poole picked up a guitar for the first time 6 months ago in anticipation for Country Song and has been working on her classic country strum since then.

“Poole had the audience eating from her hands from the first strum of her guitar and held them there with her humour and grace.” -The Coast

“Dressed in jeans and a black tank top, long dark hair tossed over one shoulder and acoustic guitar on her hip, one imagines Poole holding court around a campfire, as she strums the instrument she has just learned to play and shares her sharp observations of life…” -The Chronicle Herald

Beautifully eloquent, raw, at times poetic, sheepish and warm, Poole draws us into her songs and stories about heartbreak, growth, intimacy and trust. She never delves too deep into anything, leaving us to wonder and to conjecture ourselves, but she gives us more than enough for our hearts to connect ardently to hers. -TWISI Theatre Blog

Country Song was generously supported by Arts Nova Scotia, and developed through The Eastern Front Playwrights Unit and at The Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre’s 2013 Playwrights Colony, in Sackville, New Brunswick.


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