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Short Skirt Butch

‘Top 10 Plays of 2011’ -The Coast

Short Skirt Butch
By Lee-Anne Poole

“Jean wants what we all want: love, security and hot sex, and while she may apologize for her behavior, she never apologizes for who she is. It’s very refreshing.”
-Kate Watson, The Coast

One queer person meets another queer person and fall in love. They are now a queer couple. This couple meets a third queer person and fall for them! Our queer couple is now a triad. But the honeymoon is over, they fall out of love, lust and all that goes with it. The queer triad goes back to being a queer couple leaving our third queer broken hearten times two.

“I love femmes. But I hate femme, I’m not one. I’m gross, I spit. I take much less time getting ready than most of the butches I know. I’m not really sure what masculinity or femininity is, but… and maybe this is just a little lady phobia on my part. But, I don’t like being a lady. Like a lady, lady. Short skirt butch.” -Jean, in Short Skirt Butch (click here for an excerpt from Short Skirt Butch)

Short Skirt Butch, a new play by Lee-Anne Poole (Splinters, The Obedients) follows Jean, the brokenhearted third queer, post break up in a one person show featuring Stephanie MacDonald, directed by Bryden MacDonald. Short Skirt Butch opened in the 2011 Atlantic Fringe Festival.

“…a taut performance that goes by like smoke.”
-Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald

“adorably forthright and self-aware”
-Kate Watson, The Coast

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