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The Obedients

The Obedients
By Lee-Anne Poole

a sexual re-imagining of Jean Genet’s The Maids

“a very clever adaptation by local playwright Lee-Anne Poole … Go! That’s an order.”
Kate Watson, The Coast

This French drawing room classic is reinvented in an S&M sex club. Submissives Sol and Clara plot revenge on their torturous Mistress.

The Obedients was first performed at Plutonium Playhouse as a part of the 2011 Sex Festival. Directed by Lee-Anne Poole, starring Stewart Legere and Margaret Legere as the incestuous sisters and Matthew Peach as the sex dungeons Mistress.

“You’ve gotten better at standing your ground. A few weeks ago, all it would have taken was for someone to slap you across the face, or shove their fingers into your mouth and you would just melt. You would melt, ready to be beaten and fucked. But your more stubborn now. You’ll fight for it. I guess there was something to fight for.

Mistress and her lover are out drinking. Kissing. Reuniting. But she is dead. She wants to embrace him and take him home, but she is dead. Mistress comes home. Mistress is dead.

Her slaves are alive. They are not there. They are beautiful and strong, and free.”
-Sol, The Obedients

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